what a monumental thief
she has become
it's moments like these
that I feel like a warrior
forever wrestling
against a feared inevitable
I have two ugly shadows
following me everywhere I go
frustration and loneliness
I so often talk high
but forever seem to fall so low
a weakness in my character
I should say I suppose
the ego battling the soul
for darker ground perhaps
distorted estrangement
leverage of the harassed
timid misgivings spared not
even the dreaded hormonal
I breath the thoughts of a
true believer
but some nights
I must confess
the negative
does manage to over take me
but what is belief then
to battle those inner demons
then get up and stand
assured once again
even if still somewhat shaken
I am faithfully stumbling
along my rocky path
ever looking to God always
for my hoped for relief.............
(Sept. 1, 2010 1209pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

was feeling quite low and missing my love so very much when I wrote this. Further proof that no matter how far we get spiritually we still must admit in so very many ways we are oh so fallibly human and fall back into that very real fear and darkness every so often.  

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