the status of my mind
at this very moment
is quarrelsome at best
when something small is asked
of one's so immense love
shouldn't something small  be
soon enough expressed
(namely a reply via a page
as was the request)
it is a minor hiccup I am certain
but it hurts too much none the less
like the idea of loving me is
more profound than the reality of the
woman to which such love is blessed
likely my fragile ego has found itself
and the sting felt is
furiously amplifying
in the quiet that is my current
deadening life
I am at odds with my heart and warring
a battered mind
he who is so very sensitive in comment
and deed I thought would be more so kind
perhaps in all his new found joy
he can not see through the lovely fog
to realize his lady love genuinely needs him
to be there ( even if only via the page)
when she specifically asks him to be thus so
but until this friction is carefully made static
I'll hold my disbelieving tongue
but right this very moment
my heart is a bruise on trust's tender face
perhaps this poem will better say what I
apparently did not prior to him make clear
I am not a woman who likes to be left
holding a half opened bag
my request was simple and I know
I was no where near that to being a nag
not yet anyway............................
(June 1, 2010 204am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a small misunderstanding with the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own. Is now settled I am quite happy to say.

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