is love
looking up
lying prostrate
is the offering of
one's repentance
on display in submission
and there is little wrong with that
but adhere to the most obvious of
all facts
and do let me be most clear here
GOD IS LOVE without spoil
man is imperfect in even his views
for he contemplates among the debris
of his own toil
and sees through veils of forgetfulness
we must be sure to notate
and all this too is done bye eyes
controlled by a fearful ego maniac mind
and the deeper and less deep thinkers of
the world wonder why its all so confusing
I, myself would be stunned speechless
if through all this handicap on the spirit
it were not
in this minefield that is the living of this life
we are put here to sort out the fact from
the fiction
the good from the bad
the right from the wrong
and honesty from the lies
but do be broad of heart
most certainly of all
my own very soul knows
we were sent here primarily
LIVE with
LEARN from
AND best of all
LOVE one another
as it is done in Heaven
and some of us do our very best
to adhere to these testaments
that are 'Spiritual Truths Unadorned'...........
(May 31, 2010 432am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

how I truly believe that no matter what religious shelf one is raised under still Loving God is the ultimate to every faith in one way or another. Too many focus on the negatives of each religion and they miss the big picture which is essentially we were put here to LEARN from each other and best of all LOVE one another not hate and kill each other or do our very best to tear the other person's belief system down so to try to prove our own is the better one. That only pollutes, poisons and sickens our own belief system when we do that. So LOVE GOD I say with your whole entire heart soul and being and believe in HIM whom LOVES YOU with a flawless perfect love ALL his own and you will have achieved some very important cornerstones to what your soul was sent here to do upon this glorious earth as it maneuvers about in a living, breathing, fallible body all its own. AMEN

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