saplings dapple
to relish the rush
of the river's path
watching over the two
lovers reclining
on a blanket lain bed
so very innocent are they
in their swaying grace
shimmering to the ears
like a sorcerer's laugh
as upon an almost surreal
secluded glade
sweet fingers skate to meet
the heat of thankful flesh
quite immodest yet adept
a curious house finch
saddles up to
the blanket's edge
hoping to eagerly make off
with the remnants of food like
some strewn leftovers catch
and yet its memories
for this moment
that are my heart's lunch
and my soul's repast
the wind and the sun are my
natural companions
to the testament of this
very fact
the outline of you
draped above me
lingering so lovingly
my affirmation
that all is right in the world
at this very moment
so I am never alone
but for the restless
remorse that slowly builds
from my knowing
our time together here
mere floral feet from
such a softly singing stream
are limited
so we must take them in fully
one amazing layer of newly realized
love for each other at a time
and we must polish their sacredly
recalled beauty
with reverent tenderness
all our own
created from the fertile
remembrances of the self absorbed
ego crazy mind
with you looking deep into my eyes
as you are now
that shouldn't be all too difficult to do
the memory of us just like this
is ingrained in the circuit board of my brain
the better part of a million millennium
or somewhere there on through............
(May 30, 2010 227am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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