I wonder where you are
I know you admit to thinking
about me
more than a little frequently
sometimes I just wish
I could feel that
your thinking about me that is
I think that would hug me like
a winter throw
enveloping an old brass bed
in a rustic cabin on some
panoramic mountain overlook
or so I'd like to imagine
as its always you in those sort of
thoughts of mine anyway
so many things attract me to you
and little of it has to do with your exterior
though from things you've said
I am starting to believe that might be
a sight worth remembering as well
if all those ladies flattering you
and preening coyly from the first
introduction they receive
is any sort of indication
then I'm certain your exterior too
will be quite the swoon
for my bright fluttering eyes to see
its the timeless you of ages though
that my heart longs to intertwine
itself through and around
my nerve endings are all abuzz
my focus has blindly run aground
to say I love you at this point
seems so small and pale
but in my heart those words are so
big for you
they stand taller than even the
twin towers did before they fell
you've no idea
or maybe you do
anyway this poem
was all about that
just a long rambling
love letter thatched
in with some rhyme
to commemorate
the tireless pining
that reverberates
through out
this marvel called
my heart...........
(June, 6, 2010 4am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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