I am longing for you
like you just can't imagine
right now
we fenced our words
around sore old subjects
that neither of us
had any right to revisit
you blamed me
I blamed you
but really all it was
was the all too familiar
break down of
and that for all its sadness
makes me laugh
the most
sometimes we too are just
too human in our limited outlook
we, who are expert communicators
and pride ourselves on
our great ability to 'get' each other
both failed so miserably
and walked away feeling
empty smarted and injured
while licking those wounds
our inability to communicate our
thoughts on such deep matters
in some fruitful manner
only inflicted further
the shrapnel of discourse
I parried
and you thrust
you parried
and I thrust
but no points were made
in either our favors
just gaping wounds of sadness
that need time to heal
and be readdressed
more kindly
with honest, open communication
and best of all clear, unobstructed love
starting with
using our inside voices
as gracefully as possible
when interacting with each other
at those dizzying depths that
we so love to meet and merge
our better selves with
though these lines here of mine
come to an end
note that you and I never do
I know I loved you in a place
before time itself existed
and all this foolish, over sensitive hurting
of mine
and your bull in a china shop antics
in tender conversations
means nothing to my soul
so the rest of me
and the rest of you
can just 'Get Over It'
and move on
further into the arms of
this amazing love we have
for each other
forgive me
for I need you more than
the lovely Earth needs her
so beloved Sun
just promise to keep me
ever always
nearest you.................
(Aug. 1, 2010 711am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a painful disagreement with the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own but things are now are blessedly alright. I truly believe they always were there was never any danger of either of us losing the other but in all my hurt over the disagreement it felt like I'd lost him a little but that was just my overly sensitive self playing tricks on me.

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