the moon takes her turn
on the nightly dance floor
her gallant partner
the sun
ever waits just this side
of daylight
in his favorite morning suit
ah such a dapper dipper he is
his strenuous streams of brightness
brush away the hair of the dawn
like loving passages of heart felt
dusted off
from words of former sorrow
glory breaths her glorified air
how many twinkles
do you think live in
the eyes of a lovely
and deeply in love woman
and do you think
a man could count them
if he really wanted to
the wayward thoughts of some trees
up ahead
scatter a scent of honeysuckle
across the carpet of the lawn
dusk stands sturdily at the ready
prepared to fling open his doors
when necessary
and allow the moon to rush passed him
once again so vibrantly in search of
her courtly beau
the sun
waltzing tenderly she twinkles, glimmers,
glides and gleams
flirting just by the rival skirts of the coming daylight
and the entourage of pastel blues and
clever cloud formations
letting 'The Subtle Seduction'
once again..........begin....................
(April 16.2010 635am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my poetic reply to fellow post Poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'A New Spring'

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