how your voice
and such appealing warmth
your humor
tenderly suffuses
I smile even now
cause I can still hear
your music
you woo
so adorably
with a gentleman's attire
you climb out on a branch
and offer such unexpected treats
morsels of goodness
your own vulnerability
in tow
and a reprisal of joy
in such careful lilting speech
your personality is a fresh beautiful beacon
we scrub the moment as two positives gleam
I like this getting to know you
moment by sweet shared moment
and so my inner most self
felt this incredible need to write
such an ode to your innocuous charm
and yet you have so many
for you unknowingly tempt as you lure
a clever mind that is supported by an open heart
is an irresistible weapon of attraction
to a woman
as any man
could have
and you sir have it in the
heart tugging layers you have
with this damsel of music's
keenly prepared  over view
and so when the time is
freely given to me by such a
generous you
I gorge myself on your presence
and enjoy the cuisine of your
ultra delicious self
while it is being offered
thank you for the lavish attentions
you've so freely spent on me
you can not know just
how much they mean..................
(Mar. 5, 2010 1218am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was born from a lovely story a friend told me about how she fell for her man from just the sound of his voice and how he played his guitar for her one night. I embellished the story a bit and put myself in her place and imagined how I would feel to be wooed in such a manner. Her story was utterly enchanting.  The guy sounded like such a gentleman. A really rare breed of man. I don't read a lot of, let alone hear of such stories so much anymore so this one really touched me. I think it comes across as such. I hope you the reader enjoys my poem half so much as I enjoyed her lovely story of their love.

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