my life is uncluttered
which allows me to write as I do
side stepping slanting slopes
gorging myself on the metaphoric wonders
that far too often
can be misconstrued
I remain captain and slave to
the whim of my brain
author and anvil to each concept
each path is specific yet varied
in the unfolding details
you see
I write so to reveal
the purest truth
purging the self of all the
unnecessary clutter
nostalgic gems are threads to weave
into the fabric of the viewing reader
I take pleasure from the openness of
the journey
and deliver hope in
small,recognizable doses
there are paper paths that garnish
my  every day life
now transferred as they were onto
the computer's highway
yet I remain a tailor of personal verse
otherwise little changed
in my over all course
why, its almost as if
I am a 'Cottage Industry'
packaged in words.....................
(March 03, 2010 816am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

describing in a way my own writing path.

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