a sad flicker
you were
a shimmering star burst
you've become
layers of misgivings
all peeled back
an entree to the senses
your forages represent
the evolution of heart break
morphed into calm
peace, she has luminously
risen to dance
the age old mambo of love
where there is music
these two hearts shall sway
the world is still a cold uncertain place
many times in many moments
but behind closed doors
love cloaks two in safety
that is the beauty of
'Deeper Knowing'
fear not, my love
for in thee
I shall always reside
my heart was, is
will ever always be
yours to hide behind
and or find.................
(May 21, 2010 709pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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