I'm still smiling you know
sitting here some 24 hours elapsed
remembering the sweetness and jest
of our scintillating  conversation
from the day just passed
do you think love has arms all its own
that it uses to reach out and embrace
the lovers as they interact
even from so far away
making them feel
they are far more near
than the outside world could
ever imagine
I like to believe so
whenever I hear your voice
or read your words
I can feel your deeper self
hugging me so very specifically
its such a fine feeling of rightness
that never really leaves me
I am moved by 'The Absolute Feast'
I find only in your presence
the knowledge of your very existence
just makes me so happy
like some tireless prayer throughout
the very fabric of my life has been
long over due answered
that crazy young woman I use to think I was
she never gave up
sure, she grew up
she settled a time or two
she evolved
why even for
a misguided month or so
early on she was blind
but a glorious light of rightness
parted the curtain hiding her eyes
from true sight
and every since that moment
I've loved you
oh, how I've loved you
( and will continue loving you)
beyond your wildest dreams
we are
in essence
as we were always meant to be
together here
no matter what the time, place, distance
or circumstance
you were always mine
and I always knew it
even before I knew
your name here
in this moment.................
(May 17, 2010 325am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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