a sultry enchanted night
our time together will be
the dizzying dance of
delayed desire
the application of want
just so purchased
by a willing we
mercurial the moment
the flesh in an unforgettable
glide of sensuous heat
eyes gently falling in love
with each revealed sight
enamored by the touch
of fingers brushing
intimate paths of skin
the whole scene
a veritable dream
no longer just a private
fantasy conjured up
on a needful whim
lips lingering to kiss
a warm willing mouth
so eager to kiss back
wet paths of desire
fire skate the southward
path of skin
honor bound
your abundant strength and
purpose a welcome heady
moon beams and pleasure pools
lull the female flesh to
surrender replete
breaths musically mingle
the lovers are all aglow
a waltz older than time
plays to the tune of their
two hearts rhythm
beating out a rapturous
volcanic drum beats of
the fire keens outward from
so deep within
take me
own me
my blood vessels scream
my skin is your skin
in one amazing heat burst
flesh becomes flame
and we are crying to the pulse
of our very own heart beats
morphing into one
glorious being
alone those few moments
near perfect in their
never wishing to undo
what they have done
'A Glorious Gala' of
private celebration
we alas are one
gorging ourselves
on love's candied rum................
(Oct. 14, 2009 716am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

some erotica I put off posting and I just now found it. written for someone very special and only he knows who he is.

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