I know your past is your past
but still it manages to break
my tender heart
each time I go back and read
of your bone aching emptiness
to explore the hollows of your
loss over the intermittent years
and relive with you in your lines
chance encounters with such
moments of abject despair
as disappointment after disappointment
holds your heart to the fire of time
it thrashes me where I love
as it hollers in my very soul's
most sensitive ear
and softly makes me love you
all the more
loving you as I do
I can honestly say
it's the most circumspect love
I've ever fallen into
I see the man you are through and
not just the facades you display
for the world
but your heart stripped bare
its usual dispassionate armor
I'm too lacking in pretension
not to be affected
I am for you
an observant reflection of
'Imperfect Tenderness'
so ever in the folds of my love
you will never have to even chance
a guess
your constant, consistent great love
for me
bought yourself a ticket on board
my very own forever
I never want to live another day of this
life I've been given
without you
ever again
I possess you
you say
I laugh
cause we both know
you own me
every last pale fat inch...............
(Sept . 8, 2010 1252am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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