whenever we converse
your voice makes my ears smile
truly it does
I would not lie
I enjoy the slanting lilt of your
troubadour's tenor
as I imagine you leaning in
just a little closer still
so to better hear
my latest take on whatever it is
that we have chosen to pick up
and or discuss
mentally, we seem
two far flung puzzle pieces
that surprisingly come to fit
together well
my intellect compliments your own
I like to think
and in not so many words you, yourself
have said as much
in an almost near surprised tone
like you expected something far
less spectacular
from this side of the globe
the gifts we unearth for each other
have steadily grown
you're not just another pretty face
to this I can attest
although alluringly masculine you are
your education is top notch
along side your spiritual maturity
in these aspects you are truly
your professional writings I have yet
had the pleasure to read
but of them, I am now  near certain
that from a professional's standpoint
I believe I will be phenomenally impressed
you are a gem, my dear sir
you are fair and open minded
kind and warmhearted
in a word, a gentleman
and best of all, for your fellow man you care
you are 'An Ultimate For An Ultimate'
and so of each other God made us
indescribably aware
I could not have asked for
any better sort of friend
I thank you for your noticing me
taking the chance
to seek me out
and carefully weaving me into
your life's tender fabric
and now the deeper sides to both our natures
can confidently wallow in the newness of the blend
in other words
welcome to my life Mahmoud
I am ecstatic to know you and call you
two of the best words in the world
no matter what the language
they are spoken in
mi amigo
mon ami
my friend.....................
(Feb. 22, 2010 723am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for my good friend Mahmoud, thanking him for his friendship.

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