you felt
always wrong
but not in every venture
was that so
you gained much momentum
even as you stumbled
but ye judges your advances
with the mind of a human
not so much from the soul's standpoint
so it is easy to believe
you have achieved so little
that is the ego coming down hard
on its limited means
and feeling the less for it
but it is not you
I believe we achieve unknowingly
far more than we ever realize
and situations that seem so hard
difficult and or near unbearable to us
in the conscience moment
are the most beautifully recalled
for the soul
those are the moments that stand out
as divine
to our evolving spirit's recollection
when experiencing a harsh reality
of life
or some believed self disappointment
pause in the moment and ask yourself
what is this experience here to teach me
when we de personalize the situation
many times it loses its power to feel
so overwhelming
and the mere realization of that
shaves off many of those rougher
jagged edges
of disappointment that we forever
find ourselves being cut on
life is a journey
full of the little
the mediocre
the big
the scary and the amazing
awe inspiring experiences
but not every moment is
meant to be paradise
we construct for ourselves
from aspects of all experiences
to form our own
plain of tolerable learning
its the soul that allows the joy
to seep through
giving its quiet support
its in those moments
that we feel peace
after the fact
of what we have done
in the knowing that
we lived
we learned
we triumphed
even in the ashes
of a flaming self disappointment
something worth having
was achieved
and the soul rose
a little higher
in its own 'Serene Ascent'.....................
(March 4, 2010 152pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my reply to human pulse's poem " Next Christmas I want to be A Santa clause who brings every child A Poem A pen A notebook To draw a simple rose ----- I missed seasons Without reasons But I hate Next time To lose I confess I was wrong All the time In every try I was …… ……. " When I get drunk I become too intoxicated To finish When I get sober I become too busy to think of a song! However, I keep trying always to compromise Between me and  the circumstances.

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