'Where Did You Love Me To'
someplace golden
or was it merely brass
and I just didn't know it
the heart is a strange organ
pumps blood
pumps joy
then slogs away to pump sorrow
in the wake of bad communication
leaving the lost to muse
am I a prisoner of my own heart
are my signals misaligned
where you are concerned
am I too sensitive to everything you say
or are you too secure now in my feelings for
that you feel you can say whatever you wish
and believe I should understand and 'get you'
no matter how sensitive the subject matter
my love for you is not clairvoyant
I do not have that ability to see around the next
I live trying to put myself in the other person's place
I draw on past experiences and try not to make the
same mistakes
if our situations were reversed
you would better understand
and I would receive from you more than a whimsical
I'm sorry so you must forgive me
sorries are cheap and often ineffective
unless applied with a contrite application
and no laughter or jest
this is one of those times I warned you about
and you said would never happen
when I said there will be times you inadvertently hurt me
and you replied you would rather die
three days now have passed
I told you I wanted a break
code for lets step back and take stock
for you this silence has been golden
for me its just been rusting away like cheap metal
abandoned to the elements of time
I wonder where your silence has taken you
it seems your heart is not clairvoyant either
where my love for you is concerned
and that is why
in all this confusion and doubt
I return to my poetry
yet again...................................
(Feb. 10, 2010 838pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

an emotional collision of sorts. written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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