why you mean everything to me
is not always easy for you to see

If you could somehow allow yourself to
give your heart to me again, why you mean
everything to me would become as clear
as a bright sunny day

to me, March 17th is the most important day
there is, it was and is the day that I
gave myself to you forever

I would love to heal your wounds and
receive your forgiveness
as well as give you a great deal of love and tenderness

I don't want to lose you does not seem
strong enough
more fitting is I want to love you
and be with you through good times and rough

I am not afraid to be alone so that
is not an issue
I just want to share a life of
love and affection with you

with all of the sincerity I have
within me I hope we can bury the
past, start a different life, a better life
and give each other our hearts again

if given the chance, I will love
you like you want and deserve
and I will do for you as the Police
say, protect and serve

I do not want to suppress your vitality
that is something I would not intentionally do
I just want you to let me try to
make you happy and make love to you

what can I possibly say or do to take
away your confusion and pain. If I
could I would remove it in the blink
of an eye and try to melt your heart
with love like snow in the rain

I would like to improve your outlook
I would like to improve your life
I would like to make you proud to say
you are my wife.

As I look over what I have written
it is not exactly what I intended to do
But I do know that you mean everything
to me Melissa, much more than a
simple I LOVE YOU.......................
(written sometime in 1999)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for me by my first husband when our marriage for me was beyond saving at that point. It was a lovely gesture but it was too little far too late to make much of any real difference but it helped reading these words from his heart even if he really didn't have it in him to implement them.

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