pain is pain
and from this
I must learn
fear not
the deepest felt
of the yet known
for they are
but negative takes
on the part of
the ever fearful ego
its the residuals of inner truth
that faithfully guide us
if we allow them
a wide enough birth to
just as behind every scary experience
of change encountered
God is there to prop us up
when we feel hollow inside
and like cardboard
I, my wobbly self know
I must battle the ego's need
to get through this on my own
and be more willing to lean on
God's ever present grace
its there in my soul
like a life line
and the beauty in a tranquil cold
reminds me
that there is far more with me
deep inside
than my most vivid imagination can
even fathom
and every day lived
good or bad
is a gift in and of itself
so complain naught
just persevere more
I really do get that, God
and I'm trying more
to shed that false, defeated
feeling me
and find that Glorious Butterfly
you always whisper to
as I maneuver through this world
cocooned in dense, heavy bone
and flesh as I am......................
(Feb. 3, 2010 424am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

was feeling so low from some difficult things I'm going through so I did like I often do when I am down I look to my own soul and God's influence on that and this poem was born from that experience.

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