its a woven exchange
between poet and page
a battle to expel the interior waste
from reality by sage
a mental undertaking
purging all perceived poisons
from particular pressure points
of the past
wounds untreated
spiritual starvation seated
love in a broad variety of manners
memories encased in
fractured familial casts
from the ashes
of what was nearly destroyed
real men emerge
and commandeer their tattered beginnings
to lunge through all that smoke
sidestepping the foggy and more broken
rising more prominently in themselves
more put together
and far more realized
than the spider web thin bindings
strapping their abused minds
to their pasts
they triumph to emerge
scratched but whole
deeply cut but
beautiful all the more
for their unique carvings
worn now so proudly
or so this observer believes
they carry
the beauty that thrives in a survivor
and I inadvertently met one
of such a breed tonight
in a poem about Jesus
he unknowingly
introduced himself to me
a tall rebellious spirit
of such damaged intensity
speaking out from the page
introducing himself to the world
through his pain
with the beauty of his talent
and I labeled him
a lovely collage of humbled humanity
calling him aptly enough
'Poetry's Boy Scout'
I just hope he does not mind
such moniker I've applied...........................
(Feb 9, 2010 223am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for Fellow post poems poet Patrick Clinton after reading his poems 'If Jesus Died For My Sins' and 'Another Broken Fix'........

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