with subtle purpose and such gentle aplomb

you restore my cognizant joy

I am left warm in cocooned

sweet distraction

an enchanted place to absorb

your tender most interaction

in the arts of our mutual exploring

were words not our swords

our thoughts would then dance alone

on the edge of unscripted page

I strain to captivate

as you expand in your new English

wielding way

a man of such depth

triumphantly emerging

to see him rise up to his

newly formed full self

makes me shiver

in wonder

at the sight of such grace

that is 'Pure Beauty' to me

in a matter

I can not adequately for you now


(May 30, 2009 720am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my watching the growth of a dear fellow human being and being awed by what I could see.....

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