such a picnic of lovely
you have been
a balmy summer afternoon
lounging on a soft faded
clean blanket
could not tempt me more
idle flirting glances
waltzing around tender smiles
the clouds lazily hovering
here and there overhead
you humming an old James Taylor song
so softly under your breath
I am utterly enchanted
and longing for nothing but more of
such moments allotted to make
even fonder memories with you
lying upon my side my folded hand
to my grin holding cheek
my eyes lost in the canvas of your
dear tender face gazing back at me
tentatively my fingers reach out
to trace the contours of your lips
which inspires you to become all a smile
tenderly kissing their tips
your lips speak no words
but your eyes write me endless romantic odes
and I find I just want to read them over
and over
the very thought of you
has stolen me
I am committed to the sustenance
that only you seem to know how to give
and you are trapped in all the things of beauty
you seem to miraculously find in me
in effect
we are the others' 'Bread And Roses'
propelling myself into your lounged
picnic form I smile and whisper
right before my sensuous kiss
what a beautiful analogy
you and me
we and this
as oh so softly
we smile
lip to languorous lip............
(July 1,2010 610am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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