I met you on a page

and found myself beautifully trapped

horrified in the parlay and tease of

your deliberate rambling

your mind is a song whose lyrics

with it wage

I was a rabid idiot ravenous for

yet more of your word devouring

the colors and shapes of ideas

that you inflict your pain on

are as alluring as the loveliest Van Gogh

while being painted  in convulsions

a hauntingly lovely punch love drunk

you make

and note that I mean that in the

most flattering of detail

you are a magnificent mess of a man

teetering about in such captivating staggers

of self

mark my words

all this uncertainty you reveal

will guide you to a finely tuned self

you can not quite yet even imagine now

so take it from one who has been there

just wait

Your Beautiful Day

And Consequent Night

sleep not far

from where you

currently write..............

(Aug 4, 2008 603am )

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written after reading many of Max Polasko's poems here on post poems.

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