let us disagree

for in discussions

'tis best to build

that floor upon which we

continually communicate

the raw material that clouds

while it tries to clear

each the other's overly opinionated


is but dust on the furniture of the mind

being shared

so as to blow off any excess one

might not otherwise realize

lays heavy and unusable

in even the heaviest heated debate

its the entrance of that other alien

and somewhat rocky formed points

of view

that adds further foundation blocks

to 'Such Every Day Novellas'

we encounter through other's

sharing of their own conversations

with us...............................

(Aug 4, 2008 445am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was born of a disagreement I had recently with a radical other ( and I am sure he too thought I was the radical other in that conversation) and this poem was dedicated to that very idea............

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