radical grace

a fall from society's esteem

chaotic consequences

composure layered in

such pretty feminine pastels

the combined whispers

grew to a loud collective hiss

like some deadly snake scurrying around

in expensive shoes

terrorizing yet fascinating

all whom witnessed the slither

the congregation

should have never been

her captive audience

the pure of heart men

her late Sunday morning snack

where as the night before

they were each the same old same old

Saturday night pot luck supper

of their faithful wives since

X amount of years gone by

for those called to HER

special kind of beauty

she must have seemed like

a new exciting dessert

at the Dairy Queen

that is


she became

The Pastor Lover Parfait

or so it was said

the question is

should we the sheep

really believe all that hearsay

about the Wolf................

(Aug 3, 2008 339am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

rumors of a- young Sunday School Teacher having an affair with a  pastor.

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