he hoists me high
above him
as if I'm some goddess worthy
to be emulated and admired
his love for me paints me so tirelessly
perfect every time in his eyes
when all I want is for him to see my flaws
and not sugar coat any of my less than
stellar qualities
I am a quite common fallible woman
I have my talents but I do not wish
to have myself embellished
even by a man who loves me 's love
allow me to be me, warts and all
my so very determined darling
acknowledge and love me through
even my umpteen weaknesses
and in all my grainy imperfections
the reality of me will shine through
I will be quick to confess
I am lovable
I am honest and trustworthy
I care about my fellow man
and my heart goes out to the innocent beasts
neglected and or abused
children easily warm to me
because honest eyes and warm smiles
I tend to believe
speak directly to their own innate goodness
but I have a temper
I get annoyed
I curse upon occasion when I'm quite angry
I have little patience for stupidity
and arrogance
racists boil my blood
to a dangerous degree
I worry about things I know I really shouldn't
but realize that's my far too human side in me
coming out
over running my wiser spirit
and I address those personal concerns accordingly
I love this said man I've just mentioned
whom I believe thinks far too highly of me
and I hope to better the prescription of his rose colored
glasses to a more realistic view for his gentle eyes to see
when we meet
I want to do this
even as I am crumbling thankfully at last into his own
welcome embrace
I want him to know that even though in my eyes he himself
is far from perfect
I love him all the more and 'In Countless Remarkable Ways'..........
(July 5, 2010 516am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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