sensuous delights

await our fleshed flight

torrid tantalizing tussles

yet to be engaged

morning grabbing chill

spent bedazzled beneath

the sun's earliest rays

lovers in a cascade of cocooned splendor

mercy dances at the edge of

those who willingly surrender


slow sweet somber seduction


in Phoenix's name

you mark your territory well

a fiery trail of electrifying kisses

peppered down a pale torso's plane

entwining captive and captor

for fully now unashamed

amid the lush languorous vines of

desire's sweet rampant pouring

you repose in your male beauty

such the swaggering swain

mythic lover molding to

reality's flame

guarding the very gates of your Venus with

predatory rapture

conquest is your nature's mead

and she who lays entangled

in awe beneath you

is all the spoils

any particularly smitten pirate heart

could ever truly need

the choicest booty of them all

her every last night of tender loving

the only forfeit you will accept

with all your worldly seasoned heat

until such female concedes to be

oh so explicitly yours

in this delicate dance

there can be no fumbling retreat

just 'Unwavering Capitulation'

(Nov. 30, 2009 849pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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