besotted as I am
I trace my own
beads of labor's sweat
pooling at the nape of my
heated neck
so salt laden, honest and pure
in another instance
a welcome recipe for desire
I surmise
sighing inwardly as I
dab away the forehead's
hair line trail
as you are in my thoughts
even while doing the most
mundane of things
if I happen to capture my own
I stop to imagine your gaze
absorbing mine
or driving in the car
I can almost see your solid self
sitting beside my own
the pictures never cease
such images of you for me
only further increase
the days are on a downward
count now
heaven has revealed a date to me
and it warms my heart
more than you could ever know
to learn that that date
is also my beloved Grandmother's
tiny little notes from God to me
that everything indeed
will be just fine
if we keep to the path
he has placed us on
so do please keep this in mind............
(Aug. 8, 2010 230am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what a shock an old poem of mine I forgot to put on my web page. Written Of course for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own. I must have been unusually besotted that day so much so that I could not post this poem. laughs

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