you are not black

nor am I white

what we do is not entirely wrong

yet nor is it so very right

when man first came to be

color had little or not bearing

yet today in an age of diminishing


neither side of the spectrum is prosperous

nor fairing

so what if I am on welfare as you sit high

in your castle atop piles of cash

there are ghettos and slums

where there use to be neighborhoods and homes

and lives lost needlessly

daily thrown out or about like yesterday's trash

whether rich or poor

we all lose just a little more

in the end

while the public ridicule bleeds from the very


for the divine powers that be only allow us each

so much time to spend

on learning and giving along side our aspirations

to be so much more

the Lord has shown us each a great many number

of doors

but the windows that align our souls are eternal

promises yet touched while times'd by three

the vision of The Father, The Son and The Holiest


for he who honestly waits

acquires the rare sort of eyes that are needed

to truly see

a holy yet unvarnished apostle's prophecy.........

(Sept. 26, 1995)

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