a case book wacko pmed me


and idiot me

I actually replied

cyber shoot me

I swore across my

keyboard of keys


amazing the crap

you wade through

thinking for that small

infinite moment that maybe

something worthwhile knowing

will filter out of this garbage

being typed up

and the beauty of a fellow

soul will suddenly shine


no such blessing tonight

'twas pure 'Drudgery's Hell'

and to think I allowed myself

to be drawn into it

a fair and hopeful exchanger

of ideas was I

but that quickly evaporated

when his spells and chat junk theories

on life emerged

all glum and ugly wrapped in

some hocus pocus warped scientific

data that he cooked up in his

mental meth pot

one last thought came to my mind

right before I hit ignore

Bell View State Mental Hospital

must have gotten some new computers

for the patients to use.


thank you God for that mind saving

ignore key

it is for chatters

the cup of saints itself..............

(Aug. 31, 2008 3am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a chat request I should have never accepted but as you know they say nice girls finish last!

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