simple ignorances about me brag

over tomorrow's leisure

that is sure to nag

the occasion to complain will

likely arise

but with destiny uncertain

that leaves much room for compromise

housework that needs done

need not we make mention

for dust, dirty dishes, vacuuming

and laundry only add tension

to an infrequent day off that should

be satisfactorily spent

eating, reading, watching the soaps,

talking on the phone about places

you've went

the talk shows come on to entertain

the happily bored for a few hours or


only the afternoon news follows to put

the home body watchers in the know

then they (the networks) parade across

your set tacky topics you normally

would not watch

'Brady Bunch kids then and now'

or plastic surgery performed on

entire cast of Bay Watch

such outlandish drivel can be

near fascinating to he who daily


but to the house wife parse'

what would the boredom of it all be

day after day without the quaint

little perks........................

(Dec. 17, 1994)

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