THOSE DAYS (my fondest childhood memories)


I love those days

you know the ones

when your Barbi's were royal princesses

and your best baby dolls were your sons

being a child was just so much fun

there was just so much to imagine


even when you were alone

all by myself I could create a family

where I was the ageless matriarch

or I was Livingston the ultra famous girl


anxious to make upon the world my unforgettable


the world of wonder was my playground

though I was not permitted to leave my mother's

back yard

yet from no area of vast possibilities was my

imagination barred

I was the strictest Grandma when the neighborhood

children and I played house

but I read bed time stories to my little ones

about gingerbread men,

Cinderella and the lion and the mouse

why children looked up to me even way back then

like I was someone more than just special with

my brilliantly wicked grin

they always would ask me what shall we play today?

How about ancient cave dwellers or better yet

spelunkers I'd laugh and say

or maybe we could play school and you could be

the teacher

because you're the smartest girl I know

Dear Brenda always believed this

even though I was lying just because I wanted to

play the part of the pupil

Prank pulling Joe

I fondly wonder from time to time

whatever happened to all those wonderful

play mates of mine

who long ago grew up

and do they wonder about me from time to time

like I do them

appearing in my dreams

all fun and child like again

its so very nice mentally looking them up

all of you should try it yourselves sometime!........

(Nov. 2, 1997)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

real people and real instances I played with other kids as a child.

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