foul was the fate

that fell into my life's current mess

stranger occurrences

you be bloody damned

I can not let your soul less pity

be pressed


no answer now

you don't say

then why the guess

If I had my overly emotional way

your blatant mockery of me

would be in the garbage bin


ashed to absolute naught

just as all the previous rest


before you

as I am now

I can only rage

Damn You!

you worthless marauder

of my ill soul

you've let me down twenty times

the word again

and still I can't seem to let you go

this dunce hat I'm forced to wear

sets a little too crookedly now

upon my throbbing head

well then

I guess its a good thing that the

trash men don't come tomorrow!............

(Nov. 2, 1997)

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