when time is much too quickly taken to task

wise words once spoken aloud are suddenly

much too violently addressed

as if he who had the least courage

almost forced himself to ask

with a quivering small voice full of

overly expressive guess

just where have I left my tongue

in such matters of breached confidence

and why must we constantly bare our nerveless

souls solely to situations much too intense

is there some coded message I seem to be

repeatedly missing

and just how many bruised arms of dignity

am I unknowingly dismissing

where ties the individual to the end person

who sees love not for what it actually is but

what they would dream it to be

and what makes that person this same sort of

soul draped by the curtain of mere physical

matter so very acutely different from me

could it be some unwritten law of subtle

differences perhaps

if so then I am glad I possess these ones that

I have

has she no clue as to how happiness accumulates

and or evolves in the scheme of the long term

trial and or romance

and of course that no one person should willingly

settle for less that of second best

does the bridge that carries the spirit to a

higher form form of hope filled expectation

somehow come to break down in others in terms

of natural need for salving self evaluation

like do people being abused, in the beginning

know that they alone as a person do not for any

reason deserve such treatment so belittling and


or does embarrassment and some gross dysfunction

of the mind prevail to keep them forever silent

though these very things I do not fully nor even

partially understand

still yet shadowed by it all

I try for myself to remain

happy to be just who I am

an A.F.I.A.S.W.I.L.

A Free Intelligently Attached Strong Woman In


which is something I believe all we women

should aim for.........................

(April 30, 1994 am)

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