am thinking of you now

so all encompassingly

and that's not even a word

goes to show you just how much

of my mush brain you've taken over

your voice in my ear is like dynamite

going off in my mid section

you feed the frenzy I feel by just

being you

we mesh so beautifully

our thoughts

our ideas

our conversations

even our ways of making love we've discussed

and how we view love

I feel intimacy with you

on a scale I've never experienced

how far is too far

and will tomorrow ever reveal her secrets

where you and I are concerned

I likely think way too much

it goes with the territory of being  

a poet I should suppose

I love how you want me

and make me feel like some powerful

magnetic feminine force

this is starting to sound like a poem

proof all my thoughts anymore are poetic

about you

how must you look naked and on the brink

of orgasm

I tantalize myself with that thought

I adore your biased breaths of spoken


your intensity and shameless desperate need

of me are beyond sexy

you release a riveting billow of steam

though on the phone I seem I am sure

rather uncertain

know that

face to face

finger tips to glorious finger tips

or hip bone to handsome hip bone

and torso to slick sliding sensuous torso

I would undulate uncontrollably beneath you

I would be heat you couldn't quite catch

and desire all warm and honey sweet

dripping just for you

and without a doubt for even a second

I know

we would be each other's unquestionable passion

and in a perfect world of us finally meeting

that would only be the beginning

I hope I am not over stepping my ground by

being so forth coming with my thoughts

but I needed to show you without any fear

of this being all one sided on my part

that I could never be immune to your

incredible gentleness, openness, and masculine

depth of spirit

you are what you are

walking, talking, eating, sleeping. working,

breathing male desire

and though I'll never know why of all the fires

you could build in any woman

you chose



even if you end this Fandango between us

I'll live out the rest of my life

feeling so blessed for just having had the

pleasure to interact with such a remarkably

self aware individual

who's voice alone

could damn near make me come

don't you even know yet

you had me tied bound and secured

at your sexually jarring words of

'Ohhhhhhhhhh Melissahh you are soooo


words I could never have even imagined

a man would ever say and truly mean

as he spoke them to me in desire

ah but you

you my incredible you

gave even that to me

which in turn made you

just as irresistible to me

oh my dear oh so stimulating man

you have no idea

and for your information I very well

could imagine just how so very much

you thought of me

for in my dreams

I have you acting just in such a way...........

(Dec. 3, 2007 1147am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a perfect dream lover to talk to, oh if only he existed. laughs.

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