barbaric accessories has never been my bag

but give me a sharp and rusty pen any day

and I'll eventually make up for the lag

for there of stands the ultimate dilemma

of all man's time

just when to put down the writer's pen or

continue on with the aggravating rhyme

when blending one's soul for the complex

pleasures of the page

one comes to route out one's own mind

surrounding the use of such desperate forms

of rage

where a path of small blood droplets lead to

wounds found only in the mind

one collects what one can from the forming

pools of the fading force of creativity

that somehow gets left behind

remarkably enough though the mission is

further fueled

when deep sleep guards the terrified mind

from its own hellish rule

because then you awaken to a new day's


that while you were out nightmares ascend

your unsuspecting eyes

and true reality once again

meekly took the back seat

and so goes it with yet another day under

the skin of a near tortured poem

whom she  herself

does not readily care to repeat................

(April 8, 1994 pm)

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