he claimed I crossed the line

when I dared to kiss his cheek

but he has a tendency to whine

as do all men like he so meek

he then accused me of

being cold

when his sweating hand I

would not take

I replied 'come, let's not play

these games for we are much too


but nor should we adhere our

very souls to the fighting for

simple arguments sake

and he slapped my startled face

when I admitted to an only mental


then said I was the ideal for a

therapist's career making case

so I laughed and laughed then

claimed I really don't care

and then I shot him quite dead

and now in the clear aftermath

the red I see before me

truly, really dark red

as in 'Blood Red'

and I do believe

that corpse on the floor over there

wallowing in its own excrement was right

I really must be insane

its just too bad that its too late to take

it all back

not that I'd like really want to or

anything though...................

(April 27,1994am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this I wrote from the view point of some woman who snapped and killed her husband on an episode of Law and Order.

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