ignorance is misguidance

within itself

and other than the purity of

true knowledge

for it

there is no help

struggle plays

many cat & mouse roles

in each our separate but

necessary lives

we pay for such privilege

that each mistake made

much too often belies

what we each are here in such

great fathomless need to learn

need not necessarily be known

at least

not to the mere total body

that shrouds a perfect spirit

why some even accept such creed

as it was sewn

while others invariably rather

fear it

where I used to fear death

now I only fear the more shallower

points of one's life

I accept that this is not the end

its barely rather a spiritual world's


the physicality is but the tip of a

very large iceberg

so upon my very soul and actions today

I must depend

the Lord leads all with each his conscience

and or heart

those who choose to ignore him

are fools

in our destinies

we all too willingly take part

its in our spiritual contract

if you really feel that you will go to


then to Heaven I believe then that you

truly shall go

there is no such thing as doubt or fear

in the beloved here after

so here on this earth

choose your paths wisely

and release from your heart

all your weighted fears

and cold debilitating doubts

and of the purity in your troubled

and tainted heart

allow the Lord one true unobstructed

pathway leading inward

so he too you can come to know

that pathway has but only three names

and you know them well

they are



and Love..........................

(April 18, 1998)

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