the heart is a most self defeating organ

of mass distorted misgivings

man can not regrow his fonder emotions

to somehow align them to his all too

quickly overly complicated life

the soul though knows all forms of truth

but prefers to cleverly hide the most

crucial parts well within the infrastructure

of the unforgiving shadows

so we end up living out our lives half

discouraged yet all the while half anticipating

as well the next fruitful encounter with sweet

uncomplicated dear hope

quite castrated though are we at times by the

vile grip of such vulgar circumstance

but hope you see above all else enters at the

oddest times to even out the most dismal of

our human failings

and we cooperate with our higher selves by

trying to live by the intrinsic respected

rules of reason

though they are rules rained upon too many

times by harsh thundering showers of faithfully

unfair mutual expectation

a true mate is a near to dying breed in man

so many hungry hunters are there a foot

yet so very few appropriate prey

and the noose grows far far less appealing

to the wounded eyes of the before too often

burned but beloved hope

oh how she shines her magnificent life changing

light into even the darkest, coldest most foul

corners of one's doubt

and we find ourselves in new purpose

pilfering endlessly through the scattered debris

of the many mutilated and discarded old feelings

glad to have just stumbled upon even the tiniest

fragment of recognizable attraction


I can proudly say

that this too often gone hungry hunter

found the mother load of all appropriate prey

and soon

oh very soon

in one fantastic fell swoop

the hunter shall all too lovingly become alas

the so very precious hunted

and the indominatable strength of deep inner


shall open wide


that before to me

were more than thrice locked tight


thank all thats Holy then I say

as burglary of any unsuspecting heart

was never my intention!.....................

(March 27, 1998)

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