until then there was only now

to look forward to

to commandeer a small pool of hope

and comfort from

where joy was only once found

in the shadows of a faceless some

a small but crucial indifference

that informed me that this one was

even more special

than the last

a hundred times so actually

but that wasn't/couldn't be known


when lukewarm pot luck was all that

was being served

and so the sad unenlightened searcher

certainly deserved

for she was so very desperate

until that day she ceased to no longer

continue to look

and on that too disappointing chapter

of her empty life she closed the book

and with a thud

quite soundly in fact

never to return to play the open part of

the available door mat

so she built and built painstakingly from

the beat up and battered inside within

and became almost content with her over

run work filled life then she stopped

dead so to begin

and when he arrived in her carefully rebuilt

heart he was beautiful in his solitude and

simplicity of unadorned grace

a true live God Send

the man from a once only believed far off

future place

luck boarded her rainbow

and mounted all her dreams to a blithe

vision of reality

and every day since she who is really I

(did you guess?) thanks God for his love

filled and all knowing gift

and at him I swear for nothing received

ever again will I feel angry or miffed..........

(April 16, 1994 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Jonathan in the early days of our courting.

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