with such wounded love so utterly intense

I vie for your worthy attentions with such

sweet indebted recompense

you watch me so warily

yet quite 'Fondly From Afar'

I could never fully disclose to you

just how much I've cried

you seem to crave my ability to make you

share more

yet from me on a lesser level

you repeatedly attempt to hide

I find I am perplexed yet quite utterly

taken with your attitude

where I am solely concerned

but I have to question

do you fear my fires

or by them do you long to be warmed

juxtaposed to the madness of the moment

I adjust my candor's cap

and say invite me into your lonely lover's


and if you are afraid of losing your way to


then let love be your guide and draw for

both of us

a map...................

(March 22,1998)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for Cave Dweller...

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