crushes evolve from the gaping loneliness

that besets every so often each our just a

little too loveless lives

at least that is what I have always quite

personally believed

after all such a sad comment makes a little

privileged sense

so how else should it be perceived

one does not after all typically choose to

have an imaginary lover

such as say a famous movie start

it is just a protective phase that comes over

'The So Too Alone'

since love is indeed safest when felt from

only a far

it is much too commonly known that teenage

girls are more often than not the targeted

genre for the deliberate crushes

the media practically markets such idea of safe

make shift affair

and brutal are the besiegement of buyers into

this so very singular momentary state of bliss

but eventually all young girls grow up and we

learn how to get beyond that enchanted feeling of

the grass is always greener over there

sometimes it takes some of us just a little longer

to survive passed mere guess and wish.............

(March 22, 1998)

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