quicker than Exlax he was

that fine young man from seedy Barstow

why, I had a teacher once who constantly preached

write about just what you know

so indeed that I did

and quite famous those words made me

and so abundantly so

the unlikeliest apple fell far from the tree

and rolled down the hill and began to snowball

forever flawless is the careful yet creative

confusion of allure

for so very much is balanced upon

the imagination of the writer/voyeur

the vibrant visions in the soul are the well

from which we draw

while the very water of one's virtual life

falls all around whatever we saw

at that incredible moment

beauty is beyond the mere physical

many leagues below the current ideal

so just because what is in the mind is

conjured up from a reclusive within

doesn't make it any the less real

to the writer of such mystical muse

nor his pensive pen.............

(April 2, 1994 am)

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