there are scars

and then


great big fat ugly ones

I can never seem to escape either

for the best prisons ever made

are the more silent mental ones

true self confliction

educates the soul

and the heart knows all the cages

and subsequent lessons far too well

rather quite intimately in fact

'tis a dead ostrich

around the neck of the spirit

space is but a dangling carrot

for many a convicted man

a most coveted commodity

among saddest, the incarcerated

bartered for grossly

by the state regulated horders of

their compartmentalized freedom

the guards

memory becomes the self induced

tool of torture

to those who have nothing left

but time.......

and time itself to some is little

more than a sentence without a

period at the end of it

some mistakes take years worth of

punishment to cover

the death penalty only relieves the

boredom of the masses

while shaking to the core the confidence

of the actual executed

still the cycle must be kept in place

the crime must be atoned

as mistake after wretched mistake

befalls man upon man

death either way

is but

'The Grimmest Circumstance'............

(Jan. 27, 1999)

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