'I Drank Your Breath'
in great greedy gulps
and you were like
a stallion for me
nearly busting down his stall
the pleasure was voluptuous
the feelings beyond intense
why, Sophia Loren herself
would have been jealous
as my curves were loved
by you
from each point
of touch's
awestruck sense
the sheer eroticism
of your marauding lips
the fires flaming in your
all seeing eyes
the fierce but loving strength of
your tireless vice like grip
it was a cauldron of hot want
wishing to not be denied
into which I so gladly surrendered
to sensuously slip
with your fingers paying
such sweet homage to my
desires unashamed rise
and without you there
such raging passions in me
would not have caught fire
to thrive
layers of heat and touch
brush, sizzle, stroke and yes love
they were all there
the love was all consuming
the component to our
long awaited entwining
in such vibrant force
driving us higher
mind shattering it was
you held me so very close
anchoring me almost
as my inner self
gloriously imploded
I was liquid desire in your arms
my circuits over loaded
you were maestro
to such orchestra
and to the crescendo's
magnificent end
you kissed & licked, gripped
& flicked
gyrated & goaded
how could I not burn your own
wick down to its very  core
as I throbbingly incinerated
leaving to you
what bits of panting sated
womanly flesh
that were left
for you to gather
to caress and marvel
at their ability to burn
so hot
just for you
groaning into your neck
I snuggle in so sweetly
drained of all ability
to move
I whisper
you are pure white hot fire
dreamily smiling
I purr
as I squirm
drumming up that last
drop of strength left in me
just to hold you
a little tighter
and tighter
drifting happily
to sleep
you glow like a thankful
saved ember
all man
all loved
and truly home
at last.................
(Dec. 6, 2009 320pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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