if life was easy
it wouldn't be life
while the path to love
is rich
with sights and sounds
and experiences of great joy
still the ruts of heartache exist
all tools for the soul builder
to utilize
for a broader urgency of
internal growth
so choose to cherish
your nicks and bruises
received from such
journy's jagged terrain
for they are
souvenirs of a life fully lived
cause when the hurt is relieved
we far more appreciate the
rocky path we traveled and the
injuries and strengths we acquired
from our merely having chosen
to walk upon such path
and love is so much more
than a mere foot hold's clearing
it's a grand valley of wonder
filled with amazing sights and
unforgettable interactions
with even more so unforgettable
choosing themselves to join you
on this soul nourishing feast
of love, triumph and serene
spiritual upgrade
even when the circumstances
are not in the needed sync
as that is what real worthwhile love
it lifts one farther up than they've ever
been before
that's why it's said love is a gamble
because we have so far to fall
when the footing is not just right
so I rally the troops and say
chance your heart
for love
in whatever form it comes
small and tired or
enormous and strong
is the finest reward
for the seeker
even if it lasts only mere moments
in a meadow of incomplete nirvana
because in those precious few moments
you were one
once again
with love
and that is always important
to carry with us back home
we seek love
because we are love
in its purest most innocuous form
coming from God as we do
that's all we have, can and will ever be..............
(July 18, 2010 4am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was feeling deep and insightful and this poem came from that.

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