mercy broke the story

the afternoon

was to be

mere 'Grass In Winter'

the taxi cabs dreamed

everyone applauded

there could be no


the day was stolen early

by the night time's

long, slow approach

there were fire works

and parades

we lived at the edge of

a quote

the moment was lost

before it even really came

the stars put on their nightly show

with a full cast

but none of any real fame

even tenderness never

stood a chance

to dance away from

such obscure notions

like a monument

time wept

at its own feet

and the world inside the world

stopped turning momentarily

and that is when

I magically fell in love with you

so eager and unprotected

and now we steal every moment

from the world we can get

and covet it like a rare gem

beloved admirer

you bespeak the truth

my heart so often


and offer in to my very soul

a veritable voluminous feast

we stand in the world

apart but together

strangers nary nay

for I own your sword

and you my every day.....................

(Dec. 4, 2009 423am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a strange twist that unfolded itself to me about romance.

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