this is a passion

that I myself

have so engaged

many, many times in fact

due to its great tenacity

upon the mere mortal brain

my mind has honed her skill

yet startlingly aged

making me such a brilliantly

dense fair sculptor of rhymes

and ill tact

and to think I prayed for this

was I born dead last

God must be laughing at me now

as my fondest sweet pleasure becomes

a vinegar laced noose

for another's rage

great strength is to be gained

from such wars so emotionally waged

I just need to create for myself

a far, far better weapon

the next great battle looms

'Even Now Nearer'

to the mark of the unavoidable end

so heed this most honest warning

dearest shallow opponent

for as in life like upon the page

I prefer to choose for myself

which way I'd like for it to end

please do not think me arrogant

but in certain things I will not bend............

(April 14, 1998)

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