the trees grieve

and in their howling wind

I hear your name

alas to me they finally speak

I have been so sweetly addressed

upon a worn, dirtied envelope

I smile

brightly at the sight

as in your lonely little far up


farthest to the right

I place my truly most treasured stamp

a nag whose captured the heart of a

wild, free stallion

and transformed him into a golden knight

and Voila!

the once so very ordinary

slowly evolves into something

utterly extraordinary

hail to the paint of this fine work of


wash it with me new and seem less

with but the many tears of our happy


as the undeniable needs in each our

battered hearts

some who compliment each the other's

dearest desire

and we do this for each other so very


and seemingly without even trying

so come now

stand with me

and applaud our good fortune

its amazing what two comparable lonely

people can do for one another

with but an inspired heart or two

a couple of serious pens

a few blank sheets of paper

and a lot of will to do as much

others have built far more before

and on much, much less

I am sweetly sculpted by the talented

fingers of your thoughts

know that you above all

except for God himself

redeem me best........................

(April 12, 1998)

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