big and macho men are we
but oh so very wrong can be
by just existing with
our chosen loves
what happened to the moon lit beach
where we could always walk and reach
our still then
ever quite enchanted souls
where was I when you scraped your knee
oh yes, I could plainly see...
my selfish dreams
but I heard you crying not
at first we wooed hard and long
and yes our hearts were filled with song
the love song waned and so did we
should not have ever been that way
shouting words to make the other pay
for shared mistakes
either would take credit for
ignoring love so long
with you
I really find myself longing
to be receptive with my new love's changing
I ask her time and time again
what she wants to do and when
she whispers in convicted words
to always safeguard our love..............
(Feb. 1, 2000)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another poem written for me by my dear on line friend Clay. He was having a lot of problems in his life and clung to me as I was rational and stable. Once his life straightened out some. He moved on. It was a gradual disconnect. I wished him well and had no hard feelings toward him. I was glad I could be there for him and help prop him up when he felt so abandoned by others. That to me, is what friends do for each other.

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