I have the pain in a far firmer

perspective now

who knows

perhaps in future

I could lease it out

what do you think the going rate on pain

is these days

one battered heart

maybe two tops

I'd be an emotional millionaire if I could


and all the lonely hearts clubs would be

pounding on my door

groveling for an exclusive on the issue

ah but the crumbs of emotional wisdom

I could give

could feed say a handful of tiny piss ants

at a picnic in the local park

I guess I'm just not as bright as I once upon

a time thought I was

well isn't it just a crying shame that my

poor battered heart still hurts so

unbelievably much not to worry though heart

because you will one day have your fondest


just keep in mind that all patience is a


God himself decreed it as such

so it must be true

so in short

there is hope for us all yet

but just in case I'm wrong

keep your fingers crossed!

it couldn't hurt

well not anymore than it already


that is.....................

(March 21, 1998)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

trying to maneuver my way through all that pain.......

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